Tan Hainu - Music Composer

Sound of Wind


Flute (doubling Piccolo, Alto Flute)
Clarinet in B flat

Program Notes

Sound of Wind represents the mystical sights and sounds that flow in nature. Many artists have tackled these themes before but, like Picasso’s creations, I seek to express them through the abstraction of my imagination.

I Wind: Here a light and refreshing wind creates the feeling of purity. A delicate morning fragrance emerges from the leaves and petals. A strain of loneliness is set in motion.

II Stream: The wind passes over a stream and gives rise to an easy smile. The spring water dances, refracting green light.

III Raven: A dark wind ruffles the black feathers of a sitting raven. Several more circle until a murder is formed. The flapping of their wings aggravates the turbid wind. A desperate struggle elicits a plaintive wail. Our raven lies bleeding.

IV Voile: Late evening wind kisses the glass causing the gossamer curtains to ripple. Lovers cuddle in bed, intermingling with the moonlight. Silence reveals deep love.

V Swing: A toddler sits on a wood swing and plays. His parents take turns pushing their joy, each thrust a bit higher. They stand back while he undulates to keep the height. His lack of experience causes him to fall. He looks at his boo-boo and says, “Uh oh!”

VI Flame: The enveloping of wind and passion ignites a flame of hope. The heat, our energy, emboldens us to greater heights. The sound of wind yells: life eternal.

VII Breeze: My steps progress along the city streets; a breeze washes over my face. I walk confident, joyous at what I have and what lies ahead.